Mount Kanchan International Private Limited is our ambitious venture to enhancement the HR/Outsourcing/Recruitment prospects. We and our team is working to recruit substantial number of eligible people to differnt companies/organizations following norms of Labor Welfare, Providing complete HR solutions, hassle free and timely deployment to international job market.

Our group of people are those holding decade of expertise in related fields of screening, sourcing and deployments. We all will be abided with labor laws implemented by national & international Governments and its authorities.Hence, we are here for branding your image in Nepal with cost effective way of managements.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Recruit the best skills from the job market to overseas platforms. We are committed to providing cost-effective services to our Vendors and Employers. With 20 years of HR Experience, we brand images of many companies from overseas to Nepali job markets.
Hence the professional Team of MK international is ready to deal with the best HR professionals and companies from the Legal Recruitment Continents to showcase the skills of Nepali applicants.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an employment opportunity to Nepalese workers overseas by their respective skills, knowledge and experience they gained and thus also to help the government of Nepal minimize the ever-rising unemployment problem to an extent with our endeavour we will be providing better earning opportunities to the people of our country.

The company makes all efforts to keep in touch with its workers abroad and the valued Employers till the contract period is over and also ensures that workers are adequately insured for any unexpected injuries or death cases.

We look forward to the Employers joining hands with us and building a strong Cooperation where both the parties are in a win-win position and share the mutual benefits.